The best selling YouTube app on iOS.

ProTube is no longer available. Read the full statement here.


Features that no other YouTube app has.

Background playback, audio-only mode, 60fps and 4k playback, picture in picture and split screen support – to name a few features unique to ProTube. The YouTube experience provided by ProTube is completely focused on the user, without any annoying ads.

ProTube is optimized for all the newest devices and features: Picture in Picture, 3D Touch, Split View...


Made in Germany.

Good planning and engineering from the ground up and a beautiful UI make ProTube stand out from the crowd of low quality apps.

ProTube has tens of thousands active and satisfied users – you can join the group!


Over 5 years of ProTube.

ProTube has gone through many iterations and has evolved immensely since its inception in 2011. ProTube has established itself as the most robust and thought-through YouTube app on the market.

Detailed Feature List

Exclusive feature: Audio-mode

With its unique audio playback mode ProTube becomes the perfect audio player: Stream high quality audio, create playlists for songs and use ProTube as your music player! The audio playback mode uses less bandwidth than video playback and delivers higher quality audio than HD video playback.

Only in ProTube: 60fps Playback, up to 4k Resolution, Subscriptions

ProTube is the only YouTube app for iOS that can play 1080p 60fps videos, 1440p or 4k Ultra HD videos. ProTube is the only 3rd party YouTube app that can show new uploads from your subscriptions!


  • Video playback in many qualities, from 144p up to 4k Ultra HD.
  • 60fps video playback supported.
  • No advertisements or annoying pop ups!
  • Background playback allows audio to keep playing while using other apps or while the screen is locked.
  • Audio-only playback in high quality and low bandwidth usage.
  • Watch videos that are blocked on mobile devices.
  • Adjust the playback speed, to view certain moments in slow motion or fast forward.
  • Play entire playlists with shuffle and repeat options.
  • Mirror videos to your TV with Apple TV or Chromecast.
  • View top comments, recent comments, ratings and post your own comments & replies.
  • Rate and share videos and add them to playlists even without a YouTube account.
  • Video and audio playback can be minimized, allowing to browse inside the app while playback continues.
  • Split screen and picture in picture support.

Discover & Share:

  • Discover videos, playlists and channels with the powerful search engine.
  • Share videos, playlists and channels with your friends.

Account & Customization:

  • You can sign in with your YouTube account to view and manage your uploads, playlists and subscriptions
  • Customize your experience by choosing your preferred homepage, default playback quality, autoplay setting and more.

And much more!


What Critics Say About ProTube

Federico Viticci - MacStories

"ProTube is my favorite YouTube client for iOS. So many great touches over the official app."

Sébastien Page - iDownloadBlog

"ProTube is the ultimate, full featured YouTube app."

Anthony Bouchard - ModMyi

"ProTube for YouTube is now better than ever in this App Store release."

Cammy Harbison - iDigitalTimes

"Between the gorgeous UI and the powerful features, ProTube for YouTube is probably one of the most valuable media apps I’ve seen hit the iOS app store in a while."

Josh Pasholk - PocketFullOfApps

"This app has definitely made me fall in love with YouTube all over again; I spent entirely too much time watching random videos."

ProTube is no longer available on the App Store

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